1. Introduction

This Privacy Policy underscores our commitment to safeguarding the privacy and personal data of our coworkers and clients in accordance with the Act on Federal Data Protection (AFDP). We prioritize transparency, responsibility, and the minimal necessary use of personal data.


2. Data Collection and Use

We collect only first names, last names and email, strictly for the purpose of delivering our services and fulfilling operational needs.


3. Data Sharing and Transfer

To provide our services, we could share first names, last names and email with the following service providers:

  • Website and Mail Provider: Infomaniak SA, based in Switzerland.
  • Accounting Solutions: Bexio SA, based in Switzerland.
  • Coworking Management Software:
    • Archie, based in Canada.
    • Nexudus LTD, based in the UK.
  • Internet Network & Access Platform: Ubiquiti, based in the USA.


These providers are engaged under stringent confidentiality and data processing agreements that are compliant with the AFDP or GDPR.


4. Data Protection and Need to Know Principle

We adhere to the ‘need to know’ principle, ensuring that only necessary data is shared with our service providers. All data is encrypted and safeguarded to prevent unauthorized access.


5. Data Retention and Deletion

We retain personal data only as long as required to deliver our services. Upon becoming unnecessary, data is securely deleted from our systems and those of third-party providers.


6. No Sale or Misuse of Data

We do not engage in the sale, sharing, or analysis of personal data for profiling or marketing purposes. Our usage of data is strictly limited to service delivery and operational needs.


7. Rights of Individuals

Under the AFDP, individuals have rights regarding the access, correction, deletion, and restriction of their personal data. Requests about personal data should be directed at privacy@seedworks.ch.


8. Use of Photographs at Events

8.1.               Photography at Events

During our events, we may take photographs where coworkers and participants may be present. These photographs are often used for promotional purposes, including publications on our web platforms and social media channels.

8.2.               Anonymity and Recognition

While we do not publish the names of individuals in these photographs, please be aware that individuals may still be recognizable. Our goal is to capture the spirit and activities of our events without compromising personal privacy.


8.3.               Opt-Out and Removal Requests

We respect the privacy preferences of our coworkers and event participants. If you do not wish to be photographed, please inform us prior to or during the event. Additionally, if you find a photograph of yourself on any of our platforms that you would like removed, you can request its removal by contacting us at privacy@seedworks.ch. We will promptly comply with such requests to ensure your privacy is maintained.


9. Consent

By participating in our events, unless you notify us otherwise, you grant us the permission to capture and use your image in our promotional materials. However, we commit to respecting any requests for exclusion or removal as outlined in section 10.3.


10.    Jurisdiction and Legal Recourse

10.1.           Governing Law

This Privacy Policy and any issues relating to the use or disclosure of personal data as described herein shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Switzerland.

10.2.           Jurisdiction

The courts of Geneva, Switzerland, shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising out of or in connection with this Privacy Policy.

10.3.           Appeal Process

Should there be a need to appeal any decision made by the courts of Geneva, such appeals shall be directed to the Federal Court in Lausanne, Switzerland. This provides an avenue for further legal recourse in accordance with Swiss law.


11.    Changes to This Policy

We may modify this policy as necessary. All changes will be communicated through appropriate channels and reflected on our website.


12.    Contact Us

For questions or concerns about this privacy policy, please contact us at privacy@seedworks.ch.